What coaching is not

COACHING is a relatively new profession in the UK, and is often confused with counselling, mentoring or consulting.

Certainly, the focus of coaching is supporting clients to gain greater self-awareness and attain their goals, but the coach never advises or counsels. It is also very much future-focused. Here are the main differences between the modalities:

Focuses on emotional traumas – often originating in the past – to make sense of a current difficult situation. As with most therapeutic approaches, it is analytical and looks at specific psychological issues. Coaching is future-focused and is not analytical. Coaches do not advise or counsel.

A mentor has expert skill and knowledge which they share with their mentee – usually in a professional capacity. A coach doesn’t have to possess insider or specialist knowledge of a client’s field of work/personal life to help them move forward.

A consultant is hired by a company to look at ways of getting the best performance out of the business and its employees. A consultant provides answers and solutions. Coaches do not provide clients with answers – instead they encourage clients to find answers for themselves.


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