Small business owner
“I decided to have coaching with Gina at a stressful turning point in my professional and personal life. She really helped me to focus on concrete goals, prioritise my projects, and more importantly, to take action towards achieving my targets. I would definitely recommend Gina’s coaching sessions to anyone who wishes to make changes in their life.”  Kay Q, Paris

“I began coaching with Gina at a rather challenging point in my life. The sessions not only allowed me to identify the areas that had been holding me back, but made me committed to taking steps towards making some real changes, some of which I hadn’t even considered prior to being coached. As a result of Gina’s coaching, I feel much more in control of various aspects of my life, including my thoughts. I am better equipped to over come any obstacles that may arise, and am generally more optimistic about the future. It’s been a thoroughly positive experience.” Rebecca S, Brussels

Work/Life balance
“With Gina’s help I began to seriously re-evaluate my situation and was able to identify and focus on achieving what I really want out of life. The sessions were incredibly useful and I was able to increase awareness of my own internal dialogue and thought processes, leading to more positive ways of thinking.” Leigh T, London

“I have found coaching really helpful in making big decisions about my future. It has given me the opportunity to think through and understand what is important to me, and remind myself of my values and principles. It’s also been very challenging and I appreciate the tone and environment Gina created where I could be honest and true to myself. I’m feeling very positive about the decisions I’ve made and looking forward to realising them.” Catriona C, London

Career/Work-Life balance
“Gina helped me to clarify the most important priorities in my life, and take tangible action towards achieving my goals. I found her extremely professional and supportive. She is excellent at establishing a trusting, non-judgemental environment in her coaching sessions.”  Fiona B, London

Team coaching
“Gina has a wonderfully calm and reassuring presence as a coach and I instantly warmed to her.  In a somewhat challenging environment at times, Gina observed, listened intently and showed empathy and understanding to each individual in the team.  Every point put across and contribution was impactful and purposeful and she led the group effectively, in a controlled but very non-intrusive manner which allowed the team the space and freedom to voice their opinions whilst working towards a meaningful outcome.  Gina’s communication style naturally put everyone at ease and her ability to make her observations clear and balanced made everyone feel more comfortable in a learning environment where feedback was also encouraged.  I very much enjoyed working with Gina, she is a great coach.”  Jo C, Surrey

“The coaching provided by Gina has been invaluable. Over the course of just 6 sessions, she has helped me to clarify many important goals, for which I can now see a surprisingly clear way forward. Gina has a very professional approach and knows how to ask just the right questions at exactly the right time. She’s challenged a lot of the beliefs I had which were stopping me from taking action.  Gina is highly professional and I could immediately place my trust in her as a coach. She always stressed the aspect of confidentiality and remained non-judgemental throughout. Her questions were always thought provoking and relevant and often just one question at the right time helped me to resolve the entire issue. Gina is a fabulous coach whose sessions are extremely enjoyable. I have no hesitation in recommending her and would definitely work with her again.”
Susan A, Brussels

“As a result of the coaching sessions with Gina, I noticed I became much more organised with time management. I found it easier to get necessary tasks done and was able to prioritise more easily. Before the coaching sessions, I’d never really sat down and made a list of short, medium and long-term goals. Doing so has really helped me to focus on the things that are most important to me, and to take regular action towards achieving my goals.” Chris J, London

“I have found Gina to be a very effective coach because she helps me to focus on specific goals and encourages me to take specific, weekly action towards these goals. She has also encouraged me to value myself more and to be very positive about the steps I take. Sometimes this has involved me re-phrasing actions or intentions into more positive language. The coaching has enabled me to discover that I wanted to write a novel. With Gina’s help and encouragement, I have stuck to this plan and have now written more than 70,000 words in two months. This is in spite of a period of illness and a weeks’ holiday! Gina’s constant encouragement and support have helped me to stay focused on my writing.

The goals I have worked on have not just been about writing. Gina has also helped me to deal with some negative emotions associated with my illness. I have found it particularly helpful the way Gina has helped me to break down my larger goal into more management components, which have helped me, week by week. Because of this I have been encouraged by the number of goals, which I have achieved.”  Nicola S, London


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