How long will my coaching session last?
45 minutes to one hour.

How often will I need a coaching session?
I offer sessions in blocks of 4, 6 or 10. I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions for clients to see profound change.

Are all the coaching sessions completely confidential?
Yes. Totally confidential.

What is your payment and charging policy?
In advance before coaching sessions begin. By cheque, Paypal or bank transfer. Please contact me for rates at gbcoaching@ymail.com

What happens if I’m late, miss a session altogether or have to cancel because of unforeseen circumstances?
I ask for 48 hours notice of cancellation. For genuine unforeseen circumstances, the session will be held over until the following week.

If you are late calling/arriving to a session, you will have the time remaining only. I do not go over time for late callers. If clients persistently re-arrange pre-agreed sessions I reserve the right to terminate the coaching relationship.

Where do you conduct the coaching sessions?
For personal coaching, the sessions will be via the phone. The initial intake session is face-to-face if you live, work or can meet me in central London. Otherwise this first session will also be conducted by phone.

What happens in the first coaching session?
This first session usually lasts up to 90 minutes. We will go through an in depth client profile/questionnaire to enable me to get a closer picture of areas you’d like to work on. Then we will have a short coaching session to show you what to expect in the coming weeks. Then you will identify areas you’d like to work on and some action points to take the following week.

What happens in subsequent coaching sessions?
We will review your action points agreed in the previous session.
You will set your goals for the session.
We will look at the reality around your situation.
Explore possible options.
Agree actions.
Summarise what’s been discussed and agreed.
Make an appointment time for the next session.

I live in Europe/US/Australasia. How can we organise coaching sessions?
Easily! We will use Skype or the phone. I can fit in with your time zone.


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