Coaching explained

COACHING is a FAST and EFFECTIVE way of gaining empowerment and self-realisation. Of living the life you’ve always dreamed of…

It’s about exploring your untapped potential, which, when utilised will lead to a more fulfilling, more creative and happier existence. It is future-focused and results driven. Results that are measurable. In essence, a good life coach will help you to realise your dreams and support you along the path to success.

As a coach, my role is also to help and encourage my clients to access their core values and beliefs. In doing so, we can elicit any self-limiting beliefs which stand in the way of success. Skillful questioning, observing and listening is the key to understanding the direction each client wishes to take, and what may be blocking them.

Each session is client-led. Clients decide their own goals. And they decide on the regular action they will take to achieve those short, medium and long-term goals.

Most importantly, it is a completely confidential conversation between client and coach.


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