Posted by: gbcoach | July 29, 2009

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

YES, this is the title of the amazing and easy-to-read book by Susan Jeffers… the one book that has had such a huge impact on me personally. I realised while reading her words that if I waited until I was less scared to take action, then I’d do nothing. Literally. Stay in my inertia. Contracted and fearful. But if I just reassured those parts of me that were scared and then continued to take ACTION, everything turned out okay. Nothing is ever as bad as we imagine. Literally feel the fear and do it anyway. This may sound a simple concept – probably because it is! Beautifully simple.

Go on.. take a risk!

Go on.. take a risk!

If you look back at times you’ve taken risks and it’s all gone well, I’m sure you were wondering afterwards: “Hey, what was I worried about?” By projecting our fear into a future event that hasn’t even happened yet, we are doing ourselves a serious disservice – and staying small. I have no idea who made up this acronym but F E A R can be translated to: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear is a very real emotional response to perceived threats and danger, but if it’s applied to a future event, then it controls us. And we can see so clearly how well we are controlled by fear with the media’s current dissemination of the ‘swine flu’ message. Read journalist Jane Bürgermeister‘s blog on that one to get the FULL fear-busting picture!!

Tips on facing your fears
1. Don’t repeatedly dwell on what ‘might’ happen.
2. Take action.
3. Take action.
4. Take action.
5. Feel the fear and do it anyway

Benefits of facing your fears
1. You will become more confident.
2. You’ll trust your own intuition more.
3. You’ll find an inner strength you didn’t know you had.
4. You’ll expand, not contract and be healthier and less likely to get sick.
5. You’ll realise that if you step out of your own way, there is nothing you can’t achieve.
6. You’ll feel more ALIVE!

Happy fear-busting! And remember…



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