Posted by: gbcoach | July 11, 2009

Podcast: Using Your Intuition

Click on the link below to listen to the podcast.

Trust your intuition

Trust your intuition

In my latest podcast with Paul Bailey (visit our motivational podcasts at we discuss the fine art of accessing and using your intuition. Do you often have a gut feeling to do something, a calling perhaps? Do you follow it through with action, or just ignore it?

Using your intuition as a way to finding solutions to current issues can bring greater meaning and clarity to your life. Simply ask yourself: “What do I love?” and you will hear your intuition speak. It’s a simple as that!

Your intuition speaks the truth. Follow your intuition, instead of your rational mind, and you’ll be much happier as a result. Solutions will come quickly, and you’ll instantly know the ‘right’ thing to do.



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